Upholstery Cleaning Cricklewood

Upholstery cleaning servicesWe have the ability to restore the original appearance of your furniture. Do not be in a rush to replace any favorite sofa or chair. The lifespan and beauty of your upholstered furniture will be restored by our experts in Cricklewood, London. Your love seat, recliner, sofa or any other type of furniture will look as good as new with our professional upholstery cleaning system.

Upholstery furniture is often designed using different types of materials compared to carpets and the manufacturing method is different as well. Regardless of what your furniture is designed from, our sofa cleaners can work with materials that are difficult to clean such as suede, velvet, silk and ultra-suede.

Carpet Cleaning in CricklewoodPrices
Hallway carpetfrom £4
Bedroom carpetfrom £23
Living room carpetfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £48.
The construction and fabric of each piece is carefully inspected by our experts before proceeding to select the most ideal cleaning method. For the purpose of cleaning upholstered surfaces such as curtains, mattresses, dining room chairs and mattresses, our cleaners will select equipment that is specially designed for the purpose and chemicals that are specially formulated. We will keep this investment clean for you and thus, ensure that it is well protected.

The cleaning upholstery technique used by our cleaners includes pre-spraying using chemicals that are environment friendly, hot water extraction, which is popularly known as steam cleaning and pre-vacuuming. During this process, any mildew, stains, spots and odors are also removed. For the purpose of safeguarding your health, our cleaners also deodorize, sanitize and apply disinfecting treatment on your furniture.

Our services also include the application of a protection solution that is known by the name Scotchgard. This aids in reduction of any permanent stains and at the same time, ensures that your furniture is protected from long episodes of been scratched or sat on. Apart from been effective, this product is also non-allergenic and environment friendly. Different types of upholstery carpet cleaning are carried out by Carpet Cleaning Group and this includes dining chairs, foot stools and sofas, dining chairs, settees, leather furniture, recliners, arm chairs and love seats

Through our professional detergents and innovative technology, we are able to clean different types of furniture such as ottomans, mattresses, upholstered walls, couches, sofas among others. This is also includes those with materials such as leather, suede, microfiber and cotton among others. We have years of experience and during this time we have learnt that steam cleaning delivers the best results. Once the project is completed, your upholstery will not only be clean but also free from any chemical residues. It will also be sanitized to ensure that it does not cause any unpleasant or allergic reactions.

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